Choosing an Orthodontist

“You need braces.”  Hearing these words from your dentist, or even from yourself while looking in a mirror can be a little unnerving.  Images may come of “railroad tracks,” “headgear,” or even teeth being pulled out.  Thankfully, braces today are much less barbaric or noticeable than they were several years ago.  Many new treatments are available that often make these worries a thing of the past. 

But is every orthodontist the same?  Do each of them do the same things and produce the same results?  Just as with any other profession, the outcome very often is decided the moment you choose whom to trust with your teeth!  Putting your mouth in the hands of one orthodontist versus another may be the difference between liking your smile after braces come off, and loving it!

There are many factors that should go into your decision of which orthodontist to select for your treatment or the treatment of your family member.

These factors should include:

-What level of experience does he or she have?  There is no substitute for experience.  The more patients an orthodontist has seen, the more situations that are similar to you that they will have already treated.  Remember, there are many different kinds of orthodontic problem, and all orthodontists will have to learn on somebody.  One with more experience like either Dr. Wright or Dr. Feusier (who have together treated well over 10,000 patients) will have already seen and treated just about everything, and thus, can handle just about anything!  As the slogan for a well-known insurance company states:  They know a thing or two because they’ve seen a thing or two!

-What level of training does he or she have?  Many dental practitioners treat patients with orthodontics.  Even a General Dentist is licensed to treat orthodontic patients.  However only a specially trained Orthodontist—one who has had many additional years of training after dental school at an accredited institution—should be seeing and treating most orthodontic patients.  In addition to receiving their specialty orthodontic certifications, Dr. Wright and Dr. Feusier have both gone one step further and have received enough training to be given master’s Degrees in Orthodontics.  Few Orthodontists can claim this.  NO General Dentists can!

-What kind of reviews has he or she received from former patients?  There are many sites that review orthodontists.  Yelp and Google are probably the two most used, and best-known review sites.  An orthodontist who has been around a while will surely have been reviewed on both Google and Yelp by many patients.   Dr. Wright and Dr. Feusier have received many reviews from current and former patients, nearly all of which are five-star.  An orthodontist who is trusted enough to receive dozens of five-star reviews is one you can trust will give you or your family member the best service possible.

-What is their office like?  Will I enjoy spending time every couple of months for one to two years with these people?  Dr. Wright and Dr. Feusier have a team that is second to none.  When you are in their office you are family.  They and their well-trained and friendly staff have your comfort and happiness first in their minds at all times.  Dr. Wright’s and Dr. Feusier’s goal is to make sure that every interaction you have with them or their team, is not only positive, but something that will make your day better, and make you feel good about yourself. 

And last of all, but certainly not least…

-Can I afford it?  Experience, training, reviews and friendly staff aside, will I be able to afford orthodontics?  At Wright and Feusier Orthodontics, you will find that treatment is surprisingly affordable.  Not only are they not the most expensive in town, but prices at Wright and Feusier Orthodontics are often lower than at General Dentist offices that also provide “Orthodontic Treatment.”  They believe that everyone that wants to, should be able to afford a beautiful smile.  Just because you get braces or Invisalign in Santa Barbara doesn’t mean you should be expected to pay “Santa Barbara” prices.  And we’re confident you know what “Santa Barbara Prices” means!

Feeling good about your smile is something you deserve.  Beautiful smiles are for everyone, not just those you see in the movies or at the country club or for those who live on the “other side of the tracks.”  At Wright and Feusier Orthodontics, beautiful smiles are created every day for people just like you!  It’s your turn!