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Looking for Orthodontic Services In Santa Barbara? Here’s what our patients are saying about our doctors and our office:

“Dr. Wright and Dr. Johnny are top notch.  All the assistants are phenomenal.  My teeth are straight.  I couldn’t ask for a better team of professionals.  Everyone is so friendly and nice, from the moment you walk in the door and all the way through.  Thank you all for an amazing experience.  I highly recommend them for orthodontics!”
 – Mimi
“The staff are amazing! Willing to work with you in any way. My daughter suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder and does not do well in public. They are so kind and patient with her every time! The doctors are always up beat. They explain every step they are going to take to improve your child’s teeth! I feel blessed that we were sent to this orthodontic office. I recommend them to anyone!”
 – Sandi
“Dr. Wright is an excellent orthodontist! We live over an hour from his Santa Barbara location, so he always fits our son in when he is in Buellton. One time his retainer broke while we were in Disneyland and he fit us in as we drove through Santa Barbara on the way home! I can’t say enough good things about him and his office. He works seamlessly with our insurance company, and his staff is incredibly accommodating and knowledgeable.”
– Julie
“I had braces as a kid, and I let them get all crooked again because I didn’t wear a retainer. Then, as a 27-year-old, I went to Dr Wright to correct my teeth again. I was dreading it, because I remember I hated going to the orthodontist as a kid. Dr. Wright completely changed the way I see orthodontists. I did Invisalign through Dr. Wright, and he was friendly, professional, and kind the entire way through. And, of course, my teeth are now 100% straight.  His staff is also incredible – they always have smiles on their faces and work hard to make their patients smile, too.”
– Dana
“Dr. Feusier and his staff were some of the nicest people I’ve met, and they’ve done a phenomenal job on my smile!  I had issues with my two teeth that sit on either side of my two front ones, which were sitting backwards, causing my two front teeth to look buck, as well as my bottom teeth being extremely crooked.  I had braces on for 7 months and I couldn’t ask for a better smile!  I would recommend seeing Dr. Feusier to absolutely everyone.  Please go to him!” 
– Cortney
“My daughter is 7 and needed early orthodontic treatment due to very prominent front teeth.  Dr. Wright made a point to make a connection with her and address her concerns as well as mine. In her words: “I love my orthodontist. Dr. Wright is awesome!”  My advice is to not wait.  Go have an evaluation so you know your options.”
– Erik
“Everyone there is extremely nice and they make you feel like family.  They worked with me on the financial part of things, setting up a payment plan to make it very easy for me.  My daughter loved going to her appointments.  All of the technicians are so kind and gentle.  They explained everything they were doing, so she was not scared and there were no surprises.  And, now she has a beautiful smile!!”
 – Amy
“At 47 years old, my dentist said I needed braces. Ugh. I picked Dr. Wright because his office was conveniently close to my house and he had nothing but good yelp reviews — and I have nothing but more wonderful things to say!  Every interaction I had with EVERYONE on the staff was a good experience.  Everyone seems happy to work there and it shows.  I can’t say having braces was fun but it was much more pleasant than I expected due to the wonderful treatment I received.  Braces just came off exactly in the time frame they predicted and I am very happy with the results.”
– Heather
“Dr. Wright and his entire staff are the single greatest orthodontic professionals I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. My daughter had a variety of issues, which Dr. Wright was able to resolve with such expertise that it amazed me with the final results.  Every single one of the multiple issues that Dr. Wright had to correct was accomplished not only with great expertise, but with such a wonderful and caring manner from a doctor who always made sure we understood exactly what needed to be corrected, how it was going to be corrected, and with each and every single visit both his services and his courtesy made this a wonderful experience.  The cost was very reasonable and well worth it!  Today my daughter walked out with a perfect smile and I walked out knowing that Dr. Wright and his staff are like family.  Thank you so very much!”
–Frankie B. (Quiet Riot)
“Both my kids and I had our braces done by Dr. Wright. I can’t say enough good things about him or his team.  He doesn’t brag about it, but I notice that he graduated #1 in his class from UCLA dentistry.  If you want someone working on your family’s mouths that will last forever, you want the guy who graduated #1 from UCLA.  The guy that graduated #354 from Hollywood Upstairs Dental School is also called Doctor, but who do you want in your mouth?  Dr. Wright’s staff is top notch also.  My kids had traditional braces and I had Invisalign which is a great option for adults.  Five stars all the way!”
“If you’re in the market for an awesome Orthodontist, look no further.  Dr. Wright is professional, kind, funny, considerate and amazingly skilled.  He takes the time to thoroughly explain the process and his work is flawless because he is so detail oriented.  His staff at the office is warm, friendly and gentle, and will work with your schedule and personal needs.  I’m so glad that I chose this practice to have my ortho work.  I think I will actually miss seeing those friendly faces once a month!  I highly recommend Dr. Wright’s practice.”
“This office has been an amazing experience for my family.  It was especially convenient that anyone who answered the phone could always answer my questions, whether it be about appointments or billing.  It is very difficult to find a good office in town for dental needs, “Good” meaning the doctor, assistants and the front office.  Thank you!”

“I had nothing but a positive experience throughout the whole process of my braces.  I never would have been able to accomplish all those appointments and processes without the kindness, patience and understanding of everyone there.  I felt like I was visiting friends and family each time.  I never waited for my appointment; I was always greeted by my name (with a friendly smile), and received efficient, gentle adjustments each time I was there.  I never felt like I was just another patient.  I am still not used to looking in the mirror and recognizing who that is.  Needless to say, I am forever grateful for all you have given me and I will be thankful for the rest of my life.”